How to Pass the TEAS Test

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Many nursing schools require prospective students to take the TEAS test as part of their admissions requirements. The TEAS test assesses one’s competency in essential skills for studying at a collegiate level. When you know how to pass the TEAS, you set up your nursing school application for success.

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If you have been researching nursing school admissions requirements, you’ve probably noticed many schools require applicants to take an admissions exam. This is often the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). When you understand how to pass the TEAS, you can submit your nursing school application with confidence.

Every school requires a different entrance exam score. The University of the Incarnate Word Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) track, for example, requires applicants to achieve a proficient score on the TEAS.

The TEAS test is a standardized, multiple-choice entrance exam for students who are enrolling in a healthcare program, such as nursing school. It consists of four sections — English, math, reading and science — each with a different number of questions and time limit. Your target score will depend on the nursing school’s admission requirements.

Some schools, such as UIW, allow you to retake the TEAS during a single admissions cycle; however, students who pass the first time are given priority.

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Now that you have an idea of the structure of the exam, it’s time to go over some tips on how to pass the TEAS test.

1. Study, Study, Study

While this may seem obvious, one of the biggest mistakes nursing school applicants make when taking admissions exams is to not study. You should spend several weeks studying and utilizing as many resources as possible.

2. Take Practice Exams

Practice tests are one of the most essential study tips for the TEAS test. Many test preparation companies offer free tests that mimic the format and question style of the TEAS. Practice tests will give you an idea of which areas you need to focus on.

3. Manage Your Time

To give yourself the best chance of doing well, try to relax and aim to get through all the questions on each section of the exam. Don’t be afraid to make an educated guess if you must. If time allows, return to the questions you skipped or were unsure of the answer once you complete a section to review.

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